Designer Spotlight: How Amy Kang Brings Designs to Life

Photo Courtesy: Ocean Blu Designs

This month, we sat down with Amy Kang, principal interior designer at Ocean Blu Designs, for an enlightening conversation about how her acclaimed design talents and excellent communication skills help to bring each of her client’s design visions to life.

Get ready to be inspired as Amy shares the key to her personalized approach, along with expert tips to creating beautiful spaces that reflect your unique personality and lifestyle.  What will be your favorite takeaway? Let’s find out.

With over a decade of expertience in designing and renovating homes, you are known in the industry for your amazing talent and ability to bring a client’s home design dreams to life. What are some of the first questions you ask each client so that you will be fully able to understand his or her vision and wish list?

When working with clients, I would ask questions to gain a better understanding of their current living situation, design expectations, and desired living style of their space. This can help me to better understand their home design preferences and create a design that meets their needs. Through the initial conversation, I get an understanding of what makes them unique—and the special nuances that will help me bring their dream vision to life. Whether it’s a cozy reading corner, a vibrant music venue, a creative art space, or a calming meditation section, I work with them to make sure their home reflects their spirit.

What inspires you the most that brings a client’s design vision to life?

I strive to help my clients create a home that reflects their personality and unique vision. I believe that what makes a house a home is not just the physical structure, but the passions and values our clients bring to it.

Photo Courtesy: Ocean Blu Designs
Is there one room or space in the home that you recommend focusing on first?

The ‘open concept’ family room and kitchen is where I focus on first, since it is where all the family and friends get together and spend most of their time. Then from there, we can keep a cohesive design to the next room and throughout the home.

You love using materials, finishes, and accents that are true to nature. What tips and suggestions do you give your clients when it comes to choosing the best materials that suit their lifestyles?

When helping clients choose the best materials that suit their lifestyles, I recommend focusing on materials that are natural, sustainable, and durable. Consider materials such as wood, stone, bamboo, cork, and wool. Additionally, use accent colors to make art and furniture stand out. Look for textures and patterns in textiles and decorations to create a unique look. Finally, I try to avoid materials that require too much maintenance and don’t fit the overall theme of the home.

How do you guide each client when choosing a focal point for his or her favorite room?

For a focal point, I ask my clients to choose one favorite furniture piece that he or she wishes to have in the space as the focal point. Then we can add on the layers surrounding it—like other furniture, lighting, wall coverings and accessories.

What advice do you give your clients if they feel unsure about a design?

I advise my clients to trust their instincts when it comes to interior design. I also suggest that they take time to research and gather inspiration from design magazines, social media, and design websites. Next, I do recommend that they create a budget and work within it to ensure that their project is successful. Finally, I always encourage them to communicate their ideas and feelings openly with me so that together we can create a design that meets their needs and desires.

Your acclaimed signature style of ‘modern coastal design’ has graced some of the most beautiful homes that span from Long Island to Key West. What are your top three design tips for creating a luxurious—yet serene—coastal space?

The key is to keep a cohesive design in terms of color scheme and materials used. First, I love to incorporate natural elements like wood and stone to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Second, use soft, muted colors to create a calming and peaceful environment. Third, add pops of color with textiles and accessories to provide visual interest and personality to the space. You can always collect more pieces later as the years pass, but it’s harder to take away pieces to make the design work.

Photo Courtesy: Ocean Blu Designs
What design trends for 2023 excite you the most?

The interior design trends for 2023 that excite me the most are the use of sustainable furnishings, and bold use of neutral colors in their designs. I love seeing a design that includes more repurposed natural wood—and wood tone colors in the room designs throughout—including kitchen and bath. Plus, you can add strong bold colors as accents, as in walls and in furniture color choices.

If you could offer one nugget of design advice, what would it be?

My nugget of design advice would be to always keep your client’s ideas in mind and to create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It’s important to balance the two to create a successful design.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Amy Kang. Whether it inspired you to elevate your ‘open concept’ space or try out some natural and sustainable materials in your home, Country Carpet is here to help you design the room of your dreams. We invite you to visit our showroom to explore the many design options that are available. You can schedule an appointment with us. And walk-ins are always welcome. We look forward to seeing you!

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