Designer Spotlight: The Artistically Curated Design Stylings of Art & Interiors

Photo Courtesy: Art & Interiors, Inc.

This month, we sat down with Tina Tilzer, founder of Art & Interiors, Inc., for an enlightening conversation to learn how her passion for carrying on her family’s legacy in the interior design business has led to her building a stellar reputation as a highly recognized interior design professional in New York.

Get ready for an inspiring story about how Tina’s love for fine art has become part of her signature style when designing traditional and modern spaces for her clients. Which look is your favorite?

One-on-One with Tina Tilzer of Art & Interiors, Inc.

Photo Courtesy: Art & Interiors, Inc.

Tell us a little bit about your own background and how you became a designer.

I majored in Art History at Hunter College in New York City. My first job was at Burlington Industries, where I coordinated fabrics for use in apparel. My cousin was a prominent interior designer in New York, and he included me in many of his projects. When he passed, I decided to preserve his legacy, and so I then established Art & Interiors, Inc.

What do you love most about being an interior designer?

Interior design, to me, is a journey of sharing my work and ideas with my clients to curate a thoughtful space that is well organized to interpret their wishes. It’s also about finding solutions to help make my clients live their best lives. Having them ever-comfortable, just being themselves, makes the project a success.

Photo Courtesy: Art & Interiors, Inc.

Do you have a signature touch that you use in every project?

I love Fine Art and “investment” pieces—something that can be enjoyed each day as well as eventually handed down to the next generation of the family. I encourage my clients to invest in art, even if it’s a small acquisition. Let it be original. Not only does this create a signature look, but a signature experience as well.

Photo Courtesy: Art & Interiors, Inc.

What is it that you look at when you are about to start a new project? 

Before I even look around the home, I listen to and learn about my client—their personality, what they are envisioning, their goals. Next, I look at the home itself, its architecture, its location, the indoor and outdoor spaces, and how we can make it all flow. In a sense, we are creating a painting, and not just a room.

Photo Courtesy: Art & Interiors, Inc.

Now that we’ve transitioned into fall, what is the perfect design refresh to make a home warm and welcoming?

I do love flowers. They’re such easy things to change up seasonally, and so welcoming to guests as well as the client. From sunflowers to pumpkin plants to tulips—flowers make one’s house a home and alive.

If you could design your dream home, what things would you want to include?

I am a lover of water views. My dream home would be a beach house that’s large enough where I can have my entire family over at any given time. A place where beauty, comfort, and reality meet.

What is the best decorating advice you have ever received?

Buy quality pieces—whether they are art, furniture, or carpet. Keep your space simple. Don’t look at what you can put in, but rather what you can take out.

Photo Courtesy: Art & Interiors, Inc.
Photo Courtesy: Art & Interiors, Inc.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Tina Tilzer. Whether it inspired you to search out a fabulous piece of art or switch up your home’s aesthetic with a seasonal touch or a great rug, Country Carpet is here to help you design the room of your dreams. We invite you to visit our Country Carpet showroom to explore the many design options that are available. You can schedule an appointment. And walk-ins are always welcome. We look forward to seeing you!

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