Designer Spotlight: The Functional Living Spaces of LT Design Studios

Living Room by LT Design Studios Photo Credit: LT Design Studios

This month, we sat down with Lynn and Tracy of LT Design Studios for an insightful conversation to learn how their own lives as dedicated wives and mothers gives them the understanding to design beautiful and functional family living spaces for their clients—without sacrificing style and elegance.

Get ready for an enlightening story and discover how the sisters’ passion for the beauty and power of interior design has sparked their creativity to transform ordinary spaces into beautiful places of soothing and sophisticated comfort.

One-on-One with Lynn and Tracy

Q: What do you enjoy most about interior designing and how did you get started in the industry?

A:  We love taking raw spaces and creating something exceptionally beautiful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Making these three components work together is not always easy, but it’s the challenge that continues to make our job exciting. Each project revolves around a similar process which includes space planning and furniture layouts—but the design element is unique and exciting every time. Some of our clients push us to the limits in finding the most distinctive, creative pieces. We appreciate this adventure and find this to be an exciting challenge.

We got started in the fields through different paths but both with a foundation and passion for the beauty and power of interior design.

[Tracy began her career working for a large interior design firm and Lynn began with a focus on writing about interior design for trade publications.] 

Q: How would you sum up the LT Design Studios’ aesthetic?

A: Interior design is all about transforming a space. With this in mind, we pay special attention to our clients’ ideas, styles, needs, and wants. While we both personally love a more modern design, we take pride in our flexibility and skill at creating an aesthetically pleasing look in many decorating styles—from transitional, to eclectic. to minimalistic, and even traditional.

Home design by LT Design Studios
Photo credit: LT Design Studios

Q: Where do you go to get new ideas and inspiration?

A: We find inspiration wherever we go! From shopping, to taking walks in the park, to traveling the world—we discover elements of beauty everywhere, and these are the foundations for our design boards. We believe that in everyday life—even the mundane—has character, and provides us with creativity and helps us develop our next expressions.

Q: Do you ever have to compromise between aestheticism or functionality?

A:  We believe that aesthetics and functionality must hold hands, so simply put, the answer is “no.” As designers, we seek to solve this problem and help our clients make decisions that are both visually appealing as well as livable. We want to avoid having a client that feels the need to “tip-toe” around our creations in fear of spoiling or damaging the décor. In our opinion, this is not good design work, and we avoid it at all costs!

Q: Your designs are often associated with family living. What is your advice for transforming a play space for kids?

A: Creating a play space for kids can be one of the most fun and creative places to incorporate animated and exciting designs. We love to carve out little nooks of space for different activities like reading, art, and movement. Sometimes we add an interesting wallpaper and other times we use chalkboard paint so the whole room can be a form of expression. We always use super durable carpets as well as indoor/outdoor fabrics, so everything is easy to use. Another key element in our playroom spaces is plenty of closed storage to keep things looking tidy and hide the mess!

Q: What do you think are the most important pieces/things to invest in when decorating your home?

A: For the most part, everyone needs to pick and choose where they are going to splurge in their decorating budget. We believe there are a few places where this definitely makes sense. There is no substitution for good lighting. Not only is lighting responsible for creating ambiance and mood, but lighting is also a form of art. Think of the lighting fixtures in your home as a form of artistry. Another area we recommend splurging on is art. Art is a focal point in a room and is often a way that people can express themselves and personal interests. Art can also be a great place to add a pop of color and an interesting and usual element to a room.

Home design by LT Design Studio
Photo credit: LT Design Studios

Q: If you could take a tour of anyone’s home, whose would it be and why?

A: We would love to tour Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’s home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Not only is the architecture one-of-a-kind, but the modern design is rumored to be “dreamlike.” The home supposedly incorporates unique and soothing shapes as well as a design scheme that is comfortable yet awe striking at the same time. When designing for our clients, this is our primary goal, and being able to see this home in person—I believe—would provide us with more ideas that are unconventional but practical at the same time.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Lynn and Tracy. Whether it inspired you to venture outside to discover your own design vision or to add unique artwork or distinctive lighting to your home décor, we are here to help you design the room of your dreams.

We invite you to visit our Country Carpet showroom to explore the many design options that are available. You can schedule an appointment. Or, walk-ins are always welcome. We look forward to seeing you!

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