Designer Spotlight: The Signature Stylings of Sandy Sahn Interiors

Photo Credit: Sandy Sahn Interiors

This month, we feature the signature design stylings of Sandy Sahn Interiors. We sat down with Sandy Sahn to learn how her love for using vintage pieces in her designs is the cornerstone of her classic black-and-white aesthetic. Get ready to be inspired with some eclectic design styles that blend the beauty of the past with some of today’s most sought-after looks.

One-on-One With Sandy Sahn Interiors

Photo Credit: Sandy Sahn Interiors
Q: Your portfolio is stunning. What is the key to creating a serene black-and-white décor transformation?

A: Thank you so much! The high contrast combination of black with white is integral to my design aesthetic, but it can be done in so many ways. I love playing the combo off of oak and grays for a modern organic feel. And popping in color with accessories is key. I hardly ever just leave a black-and-white room feeling high contrast without some nods to color to add dimension and life.

Q: What would you say is your particular interior design style?

A: I would say my style is Organic Modernism with a hint of Eclecticism.

Photo Credit: Sandy Sahn Interiors
Q: Do you have a signature touch that you use in every project?

A: I will always pop in sculptural one-off pieces to really add interest to a room. Every room needs that one piece that makes you go “hmmm.” I also spent three years working for Sotheby’s before I started Sandy Sahn Interiors, so my love for vintage and antique pieces always informs my rooms. I hate when a room feels inauthentic because a designer chose to dress the whole from one retail store. It needs history and irreplicable character!

Q: Every room in the house must be fun to design, but do you have a favorite?

A:  I absolutely LOVE designing girl’s rooms. I think it’s because I have two boys, but I get all jazzed to “get girly” with my clients!

Photo Credit: Sandy Sahn Interiors
Q: When beginning a new project, what part of the room do you start with?

A: I focus on new builds, so I really start at the ground up with full house inspiration boards, so my clients and I are on the same page. I like to discuss this all when meeting with the architect and builder at the very early stages of planning. The kitchen tends to be the heart of the home, so I often start with the kitchen and work toward the bathrooms—keeping in mind the overall color scheme.   As I always say: You’re telling a full story and the rooms all need to flow and connect.

 Q: Outside of home projects, where do you find design inspiration?

A: Travel. I always get the best inspiration from hotels and restaurants. I also love the history of furniture and art, so I often visit galleries and the Met to remind myself of where our current design ideas stem from.

Photo Credit: Sandy Sahn Interiors
Q: You quoted Maryam Hasnaa, who said: “I don’t set goals, I set intentions.” Since starting this new venture of interior and exterior design, how does this quote resonate with you?

A: I spent 16 years as a buyer in the fashion industry, which taught me an enormous amount about color theory and scheming and business management. But to make the switch to interior design, I had to really give it everything I had. For me, “goals” seem unattainable or out-of-reach or pipe dreams—so to speak. INTENTIONS are clear: I made the definitive leap to switch career paths and start this business, and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me. People often ask if you need to go to school for design, and I know every designer has their own answer to this question. For me, the clear answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. BUT, you do need to be hungry to learn. You need to set intentions clearly, take classes on topics you might not be as well versed on, and really apply yourself to learn everything in the field versus a classroom. If you’re not prepared to give it 150 percent, then I don’t believe it’s possible to succeed. I take on fewer clients so that I am able to give them 150 percent around the clock. It’s my work ethic and how I will always conduct myself. So yes, make lists of real INTENTIONS and don’t fog your mind with empty GOALS!

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Sandy Sahn Interiors. Whether it inspired you to go antique shopping for that perfect find, or try your hand at black-and-white design, we are here to help!

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