Designer Spotlight: The Signature Design Stylings of Klein+Cremer Design

This month, we are featuring the culturally-inspired talents of Klein+Cremer Design. We sat down with this design duo to learn how their unique design approach—through the use of digital mood boards—is the ultimate tool for bringing clients’ visions to life. Get ready for an edgy twist on setting the stage for a timeless and unique look in your home.

One-on-one with Klein+Cremer Design


Q: What do you enjoy most about interior design and having started this new venture together?

A:  We love coming into a home and working with the client to make it unique to their design aesthetic. The process of sharing our vision for the client’s space and bringing it to life is incredibly rewarding. Collaborating as a team and creating mood boards together has been seamless. We share so many of the same ideas, that it enables us to elevate the look that much more. We also really enjoy working together!


Q: How would you sum up the Klein+Cremer Design aesthetic?

A: Timeless…creative with an edge. We start each project with bringing elements of uniqueness that translate differently in each client’s home. We see what the client is most comfortable with, and introduce a signature element that works differently in each environment.


Q: Where do you go to get new ideas and inspiration?

A: Inspiration is everywhere! From walking the city streets, we love admiring different landscapes and architectural designs. We also pull from our travels and cultural experiences. This has inspired us to research origins and how to use them correctly through color, textures, and art.


Q: How do you help clients visualize what their finished spaces will look like?

A:  We utilize digital mood boards, visuals, and room layouts to help get the stage set. It is important for us to get to know each client, on a more personal level, to understand how involved he or she want to be through each step of the process. Showrooms, design centers, and stores are integral when deciding on an overall vision. It is important for our clients to see, touch, and feel. It definitely brings a sense of comfort to be able to love what they see and get excited for when it arrives.

Q: Your designs often incorporate carefully selected textures and patterns. What qualities do you look for when combining these elements?   

A:  We love mixing textures, patterns, and color. It is important to make sure that each selected piece tells a story. One feature we love to bring into a client’s home is dimension. We achieve this by playing with different textures that can effortlessly mix together. Applying these techniques help us when adding different features such as accessories, artwork, and floor coverings.

Q: What do you think are the most important pieces/things to invest in when decorating your home?

A: Lighting, seating, and art. Also, definitely look for things you can grow with. Trends are exactly that!


Q: Name (any) three things that you think will shape the future of interior design.

A:  Virtual reality, sustainability, and customization technology for all home furnishings.


We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Klein+Cremer Design! Whether it inspired you to embrace more colors and textures or tapped your creative side to design an edgy space you can call your own, we are here to help you make it happen!

We invite you to visit us at Country Carpet to explore the many design options that are available. You can schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you. And walk-ins are always welcome. We look forward to hearing from you.

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