Geometric Patterns That Are “Shaping” Up Today’s Modern Homes


Geometric patterns have stood the test of time ever since these visually enticing patterns were first introduced in European architecture centuries ago. Today, interior designers are embracing the versatility of geometric patterns by adding a modern twist to this timeless look.

This month, we explore the beauty and serenity of geometric patterns as they are used in flooring, carpeting, and all things underfoot—and some unsuspecting places, too! Get ready to see how your space can ‘shape’ up beautifully!

Harrison Box

A visual retreat for your senses

One of the reasons geometric patterns have remained a part of history is in the amazing way they speak to the senses by bringing a soothing and relaxing aura to a space. When used in the right balance, geometric patterns exude a spatial rhythm to a room that says, ‘relax, and stay a while.’


Best ways to use geometric patterns


Designers use geometric patterns to create focus in a room by accentuating a focal point that will attract your eye. When used in flooring, geometric patterns can be true showstoppers, as they add interest and personality to your favorite spaces. Here are some design tips to keep in mind when placing geometric patterns on your floors:

  • Use sparingly—Going overboard with geometric patterns can overstimulate the senses. Experts agree to balance geometric carpeting and flooring with accessories such as throw pillows and curtains to control the focus you are trying to create.
  • Neutral décor—Geometric patterns are a fabulous design option when used with neutral décor. They not only add interest, but also allow you to show off your personality while keeping the room serene and beautiful.
  • Area rugs—If you’re looking to add just a touch of geometric flair to your room, an area rug is the way to go. An area rug offers a stylish contrast to your flooring while drawing the eye to your fabulous taste. Experts suggest choosing colors that blend with your décor to keep the room’s vibe intact.
  • Oval and circular shapes—When it comes to creating balance, choosing items in oval and circular shapes is the best way to balance the bold look of rectangles and squares. Designers suggest selecting a round dining room table or end table, or even round pillows, to soften the look to create the perfect balance.
  • Bold and playful—If you have a flair for the dramatic, using bolder geometric patterns are the go-to option for creating a fun and playful vibe. Playrooms, kids’ rooms and even guest bathrooms are great spaces to explore your fun side.

Tying the look together with beautiful fabric and wallpaper

If a subtle look is more your thing, then we have just what the designer ordered. Wallpaper and fabrics are the best design partners when you’re looking to add a new look to your space without going all out. Hanging curtains in a geometric pattern is a fun way to add pizazz to a room. Not only is it an easy way to incorporate the look, but it’s also a great way to dress up the space with your own personal style. For a more sophisticated look, wallpaper does the job beautifully. Whether you choose to hang it on an accent wall or throughout the entire room, wallpaper allows you to keep your décor neutral and let the walls do the talking. Our beautiful selection of wallpapers and fabrics offer some of the chicest geometric looks that can transform your space while seamlessly tying the look together.

Your design partners are a click or call away

If you’re like most homeowners, the first thing you think of when you hear the word “geometric” is geometry. Well, you can relax in knowing the only test on shapes you’ll have this month is to decide which ones will look the best in your home. And we have you covered with that, because our team of expert designers will be ready whenever you are.

We hope our blog has inspired you to think about incorporating geometric patterns in your home. A Country Carpet expert will be more than excited to work with you in helping to choose the perfect geometric patterned rugs for your home design. You can schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you. And, walk-ins are always welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your project. How’s your space ‘shaping’ up?

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