Designer Spotlight: The Casually Elegant Stylings of Diedre Bowers Interiors

Photo Courtesy: Diedre Bowers Interiors

This month, we feature the casually elegant design stylings of Diedre Bowers Interiors. We sat down with Diedre Bowers to learn how her love for mixing traditional elements with modern style is at the heart of her signature designs. Get ready to be inspired with some of her favorite designs that bring classic luxury to modern living—with a few surprises along the way.

One-on-One with Diedre Bowers Interiors


Q: Your portfolio mixes traditional elements with modern style. Are there any tricks for blending the “old” with the “new”? 

I love mixing traditional elements with a modern twist; it’s one of my favorite designs to complete for a client. Creating an unpredictably designed space allows me to continually challenge myself and bring something special to each project. I recently completed a dining room with a traditional style dining tale mixed with a mid-century vibe. The results were beautiful, and it was such a fun project to work on.

Q: An area rug is one of those design details that can tie a room together. What are some colors and designs that you love for an area rug?

Using vibrant earth tones and colors with movement are my go-to rugs. Today, we have such amazing opportunities to select rugs that “pack a punch” with a wide variety of colors and patterns to anchor down the design and create beautiful spaces.

Photo Courtesy: Diedre Bowers Interiors
Q: Do you have a signature touch that you use in every project?

My signature touch for my designs is a hint of nature in each space. I believe that each project should reflect a way to bring the outside into the designer—whether that would be through accessories, textured wallpaper or using a beautifully grained wood in the furniture.

“Study nature, love nature, day close to nature. It will never fail you.” – Frank Lloyd Wright.

Photo Courtesy: Diedre Bowers Interiors
Q:  What has been your favorite color or print scheme of all?

My favorite print scheme is always an animal print. Whether I use it in a big bold statement—like a runner for a staircase, wallpaper for an accent wall, or a very subtle abstract animal print in a pillow. It is one of my favorite layering options to use in a design.

Photo Courtesy: Diedre Bowers Interiors
Q: How do you make sure the process is enjoyable for your clients?

I always make sure a design is executed in a way that alleviates stress for the client. As a designer, we oversee so many aspects of the design process—from construction, project management, ordering materials, and designing the full-scale project. Since there are so many decisions to be made, it is important to strike a balance of creating an effortless process and making sure our clients don’t feel overwhelmed by too many choices.

Photo Courtesy: Diedre Bowers Interiors
Q: Who’s the person that has most inspired your work, and why?

There are so many amazing designers that I follow but inspiration for me always comes from my roots. My parents inspired me to never be afraid to “color outside the lines.” They renovated our home and created each room with a twist, never hesitating to try something different to create a unique space.

Q: Every room in the house must be fun to design, but do you have a favorite?

My favorite room to design is a Great Room. Having an open plan where the heart of the home functions for today’s families is always so fun to plan. Such a great space allows me to play around with what the current demand for style and function may be. Although this type of space may feel exceptionally large, it is always my goal to make it warm, inviting and tailored to accommodate each member of the family.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Diedre Bowers Interiors. Whether it inspired you to incorporate a vintage piece into your design or reveal your wild side by applying an animal print, we are here to help!

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