The Use of Texture In Interior Design

Texture isn’t always about either touch or how something feels. It may be a visual perception of how something looks or adds interest and balance to a space. Here we share some gorgeous ways to use texture in your home design. 

Why texture should be a key element in your home design

Texture enhances the overall look and feel of a space as it adds interest, dimension, and depth. Without texture, your room may fall short of spectacular. From rugs, carpets and flooring to wallpaper and window treatments, it’s all about seeing them in a different light. 

Here are some helpful tips our experts are sharing about the use of texture in home design:

  • Consider how texture will elevate your design.
  • Use no more than two or three different textures in a single space. Two textures are great when you want to show off your favorite focal point in the room, whereas three textures help to create a cohesive space.
  • Use distance to create a visual “weight” in the room.
  • Rough textures can make the space feel more intimate and grounded.
  • Smooth textures make the room feel more luxurious and sleeker.
  • When designing with a particular color palette, it’s important to choose items that heavily contrast each other. You’ll be amazed at how they all come together.
  • Remember: A little texture goes a long way.

Carpet and Rugs

A carpet or rug can be like artwork for your floor. And when it comes to adding texture, there are a variety of fibers and piles to enhance the look and feel. Fibers can be patterned in unique ways and be looped to have uneven pile height and even combine fibers for the ultimate depth. 

Fiber like wool and jute add a lot of depth and texture to a room and are tightly woven to withstand high traffic areas. There are also different heights and uniformity of some fibers to add effortless texture to any room.

Photo Credit: Bespoke Design NY
Photo Courtesy: Deepdale House


When it comes to adding texture right from the start, and literally from the ground up, choosing a textured-look floor is the ultimate palette for your home. Herringbone-patterned, large plank, and natural oak flooring make the ultimate statement where simplicity meets interest.

Window treatments

Windows are the eyes of your home, and a huge focal point in every room. So, it comes as no surprise that dressing them up in a textured fabric or shade is a popular way to add dimension and interest to a room. Patterns add depth, as well as fabric like velvet which adds a level of luxury to design. Silk and linen are a more airy and whimsical way to elevate your room. 


Wallpaper is another great way to add texture, and as you’ve likely seen, has come back into the design world with more features and patterns than ever. The options are virtually endless, from raised patterns and textured designs to the use of color, wall paper is a great way to add depth.


You can simply achieve textural changes in a space by changing up any fabric in the room with something as small as pillows, which make a big statement.. A fun use of fabrics is to evolve these textural contrasts as the seasons change. For example, a sofa might go from having velvet cushions in the Winter to cotton and silk in the Summer. 

Designed by: Fox + Chenko interiors | Photo Credit: Leo Tringali

What are you envisioning for your home in 2023? A Country Carpet expert will be more than excited to work with you in helping to choose the perfect look and textures for your home design. You can schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you. And walk-ins are always welcome. 

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