Designer Spotlight: The Beautifully-Blended Designs of Blake and Dane Interiors

Dining room design Photo Credit: Blake and Dane Interiors

This month, we sat down with Jamie Morgan of Blake and Dane Interiors for a delightful conversation about how her love for construction fuels her creativity to design beautiful and timeless spaces for her clients. Get ready to be inspired as Jamie shares her unique design techniques that make a statement in her most notable projects.

Jamie Morgan Headshot
Photo Credit: Blake and Dane Interiors

For starters, we know that you are an absolute pleasure to work with! What drew you into the field of interior design?

Thank you, I appreciate that! I have always had a love for construction. The process of having ideas in my head, putting them on paper, and physically bringing them to life is beyond gratifying. It’s a gift that I get to do this every day!  

What do you love most about being an interior designer?

Every project I do is different so my creativity is always in high gear, which I love! An added bonus is that I get to create these meaningful relationships with my clients. Have I mentioned I have the best clients?!

What is the most highly requested room to design from your customers?

I design and renovate a lot of bathrooms! Many of the projects I do are full renovations, which involve three-to-five bathrooms per project. I’m tile-, vanity-, and plumbing fixture-obsessed! 

Bathroom design
Photo Credit: Blake and Dane Interiors
Bathroom design
Photo Credit: Blake and Dane Interiors

What are some textures and fabrics that you love to mix?

It’s all about mixing and layering. I love linen and leather, wood and metal, and large patterns with small patterns. The more layers, the better!

Dining room design
Photo Credit: Blake and Dane Interiors

When it comes to flooring, there are so many amazing options. Do you have a particular style in hardwood, luxury tile, and carpet that you are drawn to?

I’m a fan of white oak floors. They are timeless and flexible! I frequently use wool rugs.There are so many beautiful options that truly elevate a space. I’m also a fan of jute and sisal rugs. They have an earthy, organic feel. 

How do you encourage your customers to take risks while staying timeless and classic?

Most importantly, creating a relationship with them so they feel comfortable trusting me that I’ll guide them in a direction that they are overjoyed with. Yes, they hire me because the process of designing a home can be overwhelming, but they also hire me because they want to be pushed out of their comfort zones. When I provide them visuals and samples, they feel confident that they are making the right choices. When my clients present me with an idea or furnishing that feels way too trendy, I’m always honest, too. “It may look great now and for the next two years, but I can’t see this look lasting long.” Honesty is key!

Hallway design
Photo Credit: Blake and Dane Interiors

In your opinion, what can someone do to a room that will instantly transform it – when someone is only looking for a refresh?

Add wallpaper, new lighting, a window treatment, and a rug! Your space will definitely feel fresh!

Bathroom design
Photo Credit: Blake and Dane Interiors

What design trends are you loving most for spring and summer?

Bring on the color and bold patterns! Peach, pink, red, yellow, and green. I’m ready for those statement vases for those beautiful summer flowers, too.

Whether this conversation inspires you to renovate one – or all – of your bathrooms or refresh your favorite room, Country Carpet is here to help you design the room of your dreams. We invite you to visit our showroom to explore the design possibilities to make these dreams come true. You can schedule an appointment with us at your convenience. And walk-ins are always welcome. We look forward to seeing you.

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