Designer Spotlight: The Colorfully-Curated Living Spaces of Meg Braff Designs

Meg Braff Designs Living Room Photo Courtesy: Meg Braff Designs

This month, we sat down with Meg Braff of Meg Braff Designs for a delightful conversation about how her love for colors, textures, and patterns provide the inspirations to creating beautifully-curated living spaces in homes across the country. Get ready to be inspired as Meg shares her passion for blending unique and vintage pieces with the looks of today.

Meg Braff Headshot
Photo Courtesy: Meg Braff Designs

We love how you capture a coastal vibe in your designs. How
do you tailor this vibrant look among your clients throughout the
United States?

I always start a design project with a conversation with the client about their wants and needs, dreams, and I ask for some inspiration images of spaces, colors, ideas that speak to them. Of course I take into account my client’s personal style and feelings about color and pattern, but hopefully they enjoy my previous work and have a clear understanding of what my team can offer them.

Your use of colors, textures, and patterns is amazing. What
elements do you consider when creating this perfect balance?

Thank you! I do love color, and spend a lot of time seeking out colors and materials that have a certain pureness to them. I do not respond to muddy tones—colors that contain a lot of gray, etc. Especially in a new house, wall coverings like grasscloth can add texture and warmth to a space that may feel a bit devoid of character.

Your creative blending of Renaissance, traditional, and modern
furniture ties a room together fabulously. What inspires you to
choose such unique pieces in your designs?

Unique pieces, antiques, and vintage are what make a home feel special, collected, and not brand new. Of course I do source new items from just about every resource around, but I much prefer a mix of pieces and avoid the look of having bought everything from the design center.

Meg Braff Designs Living Room
Photo Courtesy: Meg Braff Designs

We love how you’re known for “…creating livable spaces
imbued with playful glamor…”. What is the inspiration behind this

Interior design is all about living well, enjoying your spaces, and sharing them with family and friends. I don’t design rooms that are “fancy,” but I do think design should be a bit aspirational. We spend a lot of time, energy, and resources designing and perfecting a living space—so let’s really make it great.

Every room in the house must be fun to design, but do you
have a favorite?

I love designing living rooms. There is so much opportunity for creativity in floor plans, design, materials. I also love designing bedrooms of all kinds—to provide my clients with a soothing, luxurious space to wake up feeling fantastic in.

Meg Braff Designs Bedroom
Photo Courtesy: Meg Braff Designs

The tropical ambiance in your designs is very fun and
whimsical. What is the key to creating this livable paradise?

In a tropical location—or Florida—it’s easy to pop in some rattan and palm frond pieces, but I also use a bit of wicker in the Northeast (depending on the project). Natural materials are a great way to tone down a room that might be skewing formal—rush matting, a bit of wicker, grasscloth mattes in picture frames—all serve to ground a space and bring a bit of natural texture.

Meg Braff Designs Living Room
Photo Courtesy: Meg Braff Designs

What are your top three design tips for someone who is
thinking about a home refresh?

Lighting always makes a huge impact. I would start by installing dimmers on all ceiling fixtures.

Take some time to figure out the floor plan. Are your spaces working for you? Would you be better served swapping room functions? What are you missing that would improve your situation?

Consider colors and try to thread a color throughout your house. Rather than distinct disparate schemes for each room, I like to thread a color throughout a house. I might have accents of red in a wallpaper in one room. In the next room, we might trim a carpet in red linen—and in the next, have a cinnabar sofa or coffee table. The rooms don’t need to be “matchy,” but having that thread of color makes a home feel cohesive.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Meg Braff. Whether it inspires you to either seek out a cool vintage piece of furniture or add a tropical flair to your décor, Country Carpet is here to help you design the room of your dreams. We invite you to visit our showroom to explore the design possibilities to make these dreams come true. You can schedule an appointment with us at your convenience. And walk-ins are always welcome. We look forward to seeing you!

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