How to Achieve a Modern Minimalist Look Using Black and White

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Today’s modern minimalist look is all about contrast. If you’re looking for clean lines that create just the right degree of drama, the classic duo of black and white creates luxurious elegant looks that strike a balance between cozy and sleek.

Create some drama

When it comes to “grounding” your space, darker rugs give a cozy vibe to your room and allows your furniture to take center stage. You can either go full on black rug or a patterned black and white rug in family spaces to add the perfect amount of drama and style. Patterns are also great to use in high-traffic areas since they help hide stains or any other mishaps along the way.

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Pair it with pops of color

Let’s say you’re a fan of the minimalist trend of clean black and white lines, but also love a pop of color. You’re in luck with these two trends because they perfectly complement one another. Black and white pair with every color. You can’t go wrong. Try adding in bold colors, such as a blue accent chair or artwork with warm colors like orange and yellow.

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Erika Shulman Interiors

The black and white look can extend to your stairs

Staircases may be thought of as gems of a home when it comes to a place to show off your style. If you’re looking to literally step up your design game, starting with your staircase is a great way to integrate the simplistic beauty of black and white. Here are a few of our favorite black and white staircase designs.

Erika Shulman Interiors
Blake and Emily Interiors

Cool spaces

When you’re just not sure what to do with a space, think “simple” and “cool.” Yes, those two concepts can coexist—especially when you’re using black and white. Check out these minimalist spaces and notice how the high-contrast black and white accessories seamlessly pull the look together.

Blake and Emily Interiors
Blake and Emily Interiors

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We hope this blog may inspire you to discover your own unique way to create a minimalist look in your home by using black and white. Whether you’ve been wanting to switch up the look of your space with cleaner lines and a simplistic vibe, or add an element of surprise with black and white patterns, we have you covered to make the best choices for your home.

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