Designer Spotlight: The Internationally-Influenced Stylings of Courtney Sempliner Designs

Courtney Sempliner Living Room Design Photo Courtesy: Courtney Sempliner Designs

This month, we sat down with Courtney Sempliner of Courtney Sempliner Designs for an intriguing conversation about her family’s creative legacy—and how her childhood obsession with LEGO®—inspired her to pursue a career in interior design. 

Get ready to be inspired as Courtney shares her exciting journey of working in the world of international design firms, along with the gems of knowledge and experience that she has gained along the way.

How did you get started as an interior designer? Did you always know this is what you wanted to do?

I grew up on Long Island within a large creative family, with my parents being an interior designer and an industrial designer respectively, and others being painters, architects, fashion and textile designers. I would have been an anomaly if I had been an accountant or lawyer! Being raised amongst creatives with successful careers—whether commercially, in their own private practices or teaching at a university level—was definitely inspiring, as was having built-in supportive mentors around the family table from a young age.  My whole life, I have been drawn to creative pursuits and dabbled in everything from photography, art history, graphic design, architecture, and fashion—before finally landing on interiors. I was a LEGO-obsessed child—drawing floor plans and designing custom furniture for my own bedroom, constantly changing the paint colors on all four walls (and ceiling and mouldings) where my parents allowed me to have free creative reign.

Courtney Sempliner Headshot
Photo Courtesy: Courtney Sempliner Designs

What do you love most about being an interior designer?

For me, it’s all in the details. I love the final outcome, when all the hard work—creating extremely detailed drawings, late night fretting over tiny details, panicking about delivery—all come together to create the perfect execution of your vision. And the clients love it! Happy clients are just the icing on the cake.

Courtney Sempliner Living Room Design
Photo Courtesy: Courtney Sempliner Designs

What aspects of your experience at international design firms have influenced and inspired you during the design process?

Having international clients from different cultures and backgrounds was an amazing exercise in further understanding the relationship between an individual and their space, and how that translates from country-to-country. Working in the luxury high-end residential sector was also eye-opening in terms of client experience and expectations, which is something I bring to my practice every day.  The experience and knowledge of working in the well-oiled machine of international design firms was most comparable to a design boot camp: I think I learned more there than in undergrad and graduate school combined.

We love how your portfolio focuses on the functionality of each client’s daily lifestyle. How did you get started with creating tailored spaces?

I don’t come into a home and project my signature style on clients. As a trained and seasoned interior designer, I am able to combine and tailor aspects of many interior styles specifically for each client. We view the goal of our client experience as creating a home that truly reflects each client, their story and their lifestyle—not something “cookie cutter” that they can buy off the floor somewhere. We start all projects with extensive conversations with clients so we understand their lifestyle and how they would use the space on a daily basis.

Courtney Sempliner Designs
Photo Courtesy: Courtney Sempliner Designs

Do you have a signature touch that you use in every project?

I do treat every project independently and view each as unique as the client, but I would say that all the final spaces have a thread of curated detail through them. From the layers of textures and materials, size and proportions, juxtaposition of shapes and colors, it’s all well-thought-out and planned but comes across with a casual elegance.  

Courtney Sempliner Kitchen Design
Courtney Sempliner Living Room Design

What are some key décor elements that really tie together a living room?

Window treatments really make or break a space. They can frame a wall, create a vignette, add texture, soften a space, add color and structure, create an optical illusion—you name it. Never skip the window treatments.

Courtney Sempliner Bedroom Design
Photo Courtesy: Courtney Sempliner Designs

Are there specific colors, textures, and patterns that you are looking forward to embracing the most in the upcoming year?

I’m excited that people are going bold again with design choices and veering away from the safety net of neutrals.  

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Courtney Sempliner. Whether it inspires you to refresh your window treatments or go bold with exciting colors and patterns in your favorite spaces, Country Carpet is here to help you design the room of your dreams. We invite you to visit our showroom to explore the design possibilities to make these dreams come true. You can schedule an appointment with us. And walk-ins are always welcome. We look forward to seeing you!

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